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TV shows I watch

I enjoy

Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice,Prison Break,Sex after Marriage,Heroes,Numbers, Biggest Losers, Wife Swap, Trading Spouses, SuperNanny, Shortland Street,Coronation Street, Days of our Lives,Young and Restless and many more. (will add them when I think of them.)

What I don't like and wish they would kick it to the curb is Ramseys kitchen,F word and the other one he has err Hell's Kitchen I believe, I am sick of it.

My Heros !!

First of all I give all Glory Honor and Praise to God the Father,Son and Holy Spirit, without them I am absolutely NOTHING but sin natured flesh, but By God's Grace through Jesus Christ I am proud to say I am a child of the Living God and with the Help of the Holy Spirit my journey is a worthy journal of lessons and trials, but this place ain't my home I am just a pilgrim passing through, but been blessed even though its been a hard journey I am still moving on..

And second my family rather by flesh and marriage or by joint heirs of the kingdom of the Living God.

Facts about me

I am 45 happily married to a New Zealander (kiwi) for 7 wonderful years and I have 2 wonderful stepsons and 1 wonderful daughternlaw and another one possibly happening in 2 years, 2 cats, I am also a child of the Living God!; Reformed Presbyterian,Calvinist,Conservative,Republican(USA), National (NZ),Redneck and Native Cherokee,Ex Texan now living in New Zealand * any questions* lol


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